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The Search for A More Sustainable Solution

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Hands in the Soil

The Little Chive's Mission

These past few years, we have witnessed and experienced many natural disasters in our world. As carbon emissions continue to sky-rocket and the polar ice caps continue to melt at alarming rates, climate change has been more or less, inevitable. Every day, as our planet continues to ache, we wonder: "What can we do to help out our beloved home?" And thus, The Little Chive was born.

The booming industry that is agriculture is no doubt one of the biggest in the world. Unfortunately, it may also be one of the leading contributors to the destruction of our planet's ecosystems. The industry's growing need for land has resulted in the deforestation of our planet's greatest rainforests and has heightened the waste of water and non-renewable resources. Furthermore, many industrial agriculture practices have led to the contamination and degradation of soil, one of the Earth's key supporters of life. With this platform, The Little Chive strives to support the movement towards more sustainable agriculture, by supporting sustainable food organizations and local farmers who are growing food the right way: by giving back to the Earth, not taking away from it.

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