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About The Little Chive

Hey there! I’m Merry, the creator and recipe developer behind this website. I’m so excited to welcome you to my little creation! One of my biggest passions has always been finding ways to incorporate health and nutrition into my cooking without sacrificing the craving for delicious comfort foods. Little did I know that I would one day, create a website dedicated to sharing what I have learned on my journey.


By joining The Little Chive community, you are taking part in the movement towards a more sustainable and healthful planet. On this site, you will discover informative articles on health, nutrition, and sustainability. You will also learn about ways you as an individual can help reinforce our planet’s ecosystems. And of course, you will find delicious, and uncomplicated plant-based and vegetarian recipes to enjoy! Join me as we continue to explore cooking in a more mindful, sustainable, and eco-friendly way.

Before The Little Chive

To say that I was a foodie at birth is an understatement. I have had a love and passion for food since I was a child. My earliest memories of food were of my grandmother’s mouth-watering Chinese chive dumplings. The warm, delicious aromas of golden chive-filled potstickers and buns were my absolute favorite. Growing up in a Chinese household, I am blessed to be apart of a beautiful culture filled with a delicious cuisine like no other. The true roots of this website sprouted from the foods I ate in my childhood. It is undoubtedly the reason why I had to name my site, The Little Chive. And of course, why not recreate these wonderful childhood dishes to share with you? There is a special section of recipes on my blog called, ‘The Little Chive’s Favorites’ where these dishes will be featured! 

Plant Based Meal
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