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We are a student-led movement dedicated to spreading awareness about the positive impact of a sustainable lifestyle for our planet and our own mental and physical health. 



By holding community-based events, activities, and discussions, as well as collectively harnessing our individual creativity, we not only work to support environmental awareness in our local Houston, Texas community, but also exploring sustainability and environmental awareness on a macro scale and realizing its connection to countless other social issues.


The SEA, or Sustainability & Environmental Awareness, movement aims to explore and spread consciousness on the importance of mindful and responsible actions towards our planet. This student-led body strives to discover and share knowledge on new strategies we can implement into our daily lives for the benefit of preserving our home. As climate change and habitat destruction grow ever more prevalent and exigent, we hope you can join us to become part of a greater initiative as we push humanity towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. ~ Merry Ding, Founder & President of SEA

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